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solarmax 120W Panel Controller,Inverter with 3 Bulbs

  • Type: poly- crystaline
  • Use: Inverter Charging
  • Durability: High
  • Cell Efficiency: High
  • Installation: Use Expert like reowatt electrica enterprises
  • Solar panels trap the free energy of the sun for your use. It can be integrated into your existing installation of Inverter and Batteries.

charger controller

  • Built-in micro controller.
  • Large screen LCD display.
  • Charge and discharge parameters can be adjusted.
  • With power off memory function.
  • Dual USB output. Support for iPhone charging.
  • Fully 4-stage PWN charge




solarmax 120W Panel Controller,Inverter with 3 Bulbs

Buy solarmax 120W Panel Controller,Inverter with 3 Bulbs from Pavuta in Kenya


solarmax 120W Panel Controller,Inverter with 3 Bulbssolarmax solar panel have  high efficiency solar modules are constructed from 36 polycrystalline, (12V modules) or 72 cells (24V modules) cells. The cells are individually tested and matched for optimum performance before being built into the protective module structure. A Tedlar® base is used and ethylene vinyl acetate encapsulant. High transmission tempered glass protects the cells from the front and a high strength polymer sheet at the rear. A reinforced aluminium frame completes the laminate structure which is fully sealed against moisture and protected from environmental and mechanical damage.Most common mistake people is mixing of batterys. car batterys are not good in solar storage and have internal resistancefor more information, contact the seller  for guideline

solarmax 120W Panel Controller,Inverter with 3 Bulbs . A basic charge controller simply performs the necessary function of ensuring that your batteries cannot be damaged by over-charging, effectively cutting off the current from the PV panels (or reducing it to a pulse) when the battery voltage reaches a certain level.

Inverter will convert the 12v to ac


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