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Hybrid inverters

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking, which stands for the method these use to regulate charge. MPPT charge controllers use this method of charging, which essentially finds out at any given condition, what is the maximum operating point for the panels current and voltage. With this method, MPPT controllers are actually 94-99% efficient.

MPPT controllers have two special features about them that will be mentioned in the MPPT Charge Controller Sizing section. One is that they can accept a high input voltage and step this voltage down to match your battery bank voltage for a correct charge. Two is that even though they lower the voltage, they are able to recover any potentially lost power via a boost current, which increases the amperage to make up for the lost voltage.

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A PWM controller will have an Amp reading for it, for example, 30 Amp PWM Controller. This represents how many amps the controller can handle, in the case above, 30 amps. Generally, the two things you want to look at for a PWM controller are the amperage and voltage rating.

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