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Single-door Magnetic Lock DS-K4H250S

Single-door Magnetic Lock,

supports static linear thrust of 300kg;

Working Current: DC12V(500 mA) / 24VAC(250 mA).

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Single-door Magnetic Lock DS-K4H250S

Buy Single-door Magnetic Lock DS-K4H250S from Pavuta in Nairobi Kenya


Product Overview

Supports 300 kg Static Linear Thrust
• 12 VDC (default) or 24 VDC
• Internal Voltage Dependent Resistor (MOV)
Door Lock Status Signal Output (NO\NC\COM)
• For Wooden, Glass, Metal, and Fireproof Doors
Hikvision’s DS-K4H250S Single-Door Magnetic
Lock is designed for wooden doors, glass doors,
and steel doors with 90°opening angles. The
maximum thrust of the lock is 300 kg. It can be
used for controlling door opening/closing, and the
indicator shows the door status. It supports signal
output of door lock output status testing.


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