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Pedrollo Easysmall-2 Water pump

Voltage 240/50Hz
Insulation Class IP65
Operating Conditions
Maximum Fluid Temperature +50C
Maximum working pressure 10 Bar
Maximum Flow Rate 12M/hr(1 Bar Pressure loss) In-line connection with additional tee for pressure tank connection if required
Pump Information
Power (kW) 1.5kW
Maximum Operating Current (A) 12/16A
Cut Out Flow 2L/min
Cut in Pressure 1.5 Bar


Pedrollo Easysmall-2 Water pump

Buy Pedrollo Easysmall-2 Water pump from Pavuta in Kenya

Pedrollo Easysmall-2 Water pump

Quick features

  • Easy Small is a quality controller that automates pump operation replacing the traditional pressure switch and expansion tank. It works by starting the pump when the pressure drops to the preset cut-in level and stops it when demand drops to less than cut outflow rate. Features include:
  • Dry running protection with automatic restart
  • Controlled cycling frequency in the event of system leakage
  • LED status indicator to monitor pump operation
  • Strong IP65 rated weather-sealed housing


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