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 Pedrollo DAVIS-20m cable Water pump

Enclosure Class IP68
Voltage 1 X 240V
Insulation Class F
Speed 2900 rpm
Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid Thin, clean, chemically non aggressive liquids without abrasive particles or fibres
Maximum Suction Lift 7m (at sea level)
Maximum Operating Depth 40m
Pump Information
Power (kW) 0.75
Maximum Operating Current (A) 5.5
Weight (kg) 14


 Pedrollo DAVIS-20m cable Water pump

Buy Pedrollo DAVIS-20m cable Water pump from Pavuta in Kenya

 Pedrollo DAVIS-20m cable Water pump

Pedrollo DAVIS peripheral impeller submersible pumps

Quick features

  • Designed for pumping clean water in domestic applications from boreholes and wells
  • They are based on the established 4SKm design though are much improved featuring a cast stainless steel pump housing with special anti-seize design
  • Double mechanical seals to prevent water leakage into the motor and built-in thermal overload for motor protection.
  • All components in contact with water are manufactured from stainless steel with the impeller precision-molded using high-grade corrosion-proof Ryton engineering plastic that is especially resistant to sand and abrasion
  • A motor capacitor is integral with the pump and no separate control unit is required
  • Pumps are supplied with 20m or 40m of drop cable to customer choice
  • liquid-cooled induction motors designed for continuous duty provided the pump is fully submerged
  • Connected directly to mains supply through a 10A MCB or switch fuse


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