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Wondering where to get solar products in Kenya? Pavuta solar is solar company in kenya.How about getting Telecom and IT products? Honestly, it has never been easy. Pavuta Telecoms has the Solution. That is to say, you can either place your order online and have it delivered to your door step or office or visit our offices to make your order or purchases. At Pavuta Telecoms we provide our clients with various Solar, Telecom, ICT products and more so, solutions that open up a world of possibilities. We have partnered with major suppliers and distributors of these products.  Therefore, we provide the best deal at a very competitive price.

We are a fast growing online retailer in Kenya. Moreover, committed to becoming the most loved and trusted marketplace. Subsequently, offering superior shopping experience making it easy, secured, fast and guaranteed.

We bring the best in computers, laptops, servers, software, and printers. As well as, inverters, Telecom products, solar products water heaters, pumps, home lighting, and street lighting. In addition we sell, microwave, fridges, Office funiture and more directly to you, from a dealer you can trust. Above all, We are unique in the world of retailing: We deliver our promise of affordability, convenience and high quality products.

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