MU Fiber Optic Adapter

Buy MU fiber optic adapters at Pavuta Telecoms, including the simplex and duplex types, single-mode and multimode styles. These adapters are UPC (for SMF and MMF) and APC types (for SMF), most of them are with zirconia sleeves, optional bronze sleeve MU adapters are for multimode.

product applications

  • Fiber optic subscriber network transmission/switching equipment
  • CATV
  • Active device termination
  • Telecommunication networks
  • Metro networks
  • Local Area Networks (LANS)
  • Data processing networks
  • Premise installations
  • Industrial, military and medical

key  features

  • Compact design
  • NTT-MU hardware compatibility
  • NTT & JIS compliance
  • High precision alignment
  • Low insertion and return loss and back reflection
  • Corrosion resistance


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