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Luminous Solar Battery 100AH 12V  Key Features

  • 12v 200ah battery
  • Luminous deep cycle
  • Maintenance free

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Luminous Solar Battery 100AH 12V

Luminous Solar Battery 100AH 12V

Buy Luminous Solar Battery 100AH 12V from Pavuta in Kenya


Luminous deep cycle battery offers a trusted option for powering your inverter installation. Luminous batteries are built to good quality standard, providing extended durability and excellent power backup.

Luminous Deep Cycle Flat Plate batteries come with  thick and heavy grid design with special alloys, which retard battery oxidation and corrosion. In effect, you get a longer life in deep cycle applications with Luminous. Today, Luminous deep cycle sealed maintenance-free batteries are one of the top choices in the Kenyan market. If looking to buy a reliable deep cycle battery in Kenya, here is one to consider seriously.

The 100Ah 12v Luminous SMF battery is built to deliver extended power backup.


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