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Buy Luminous Eco Volt Inverter 1500VA-24V from Pavuta Telecoms in Kenya at a discounted price

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Luminous Eco Volt Inverter 1500VA-24V

  • Latest Luminous Sine Wave inverter Series with new technology advances
  • Delivers Higher efficiency & long back up
  • Sine wave power supply for High efficiency
  • Advanced battery management that enhances battery life up to 70%
  • Hassle-free battery maintenance with intelligent battery water level sensor, if you use the tubular battery type
  • Proprietary FSW technology transformer for high efficiency and long life
  • Battery charging commences even at as low as 110V Mains AC
  • Luminous Power Technologies Ltd, India, has continue to develop its basket of inverters and power backup systems with a dogged innovative spirit. The new Eco Volt 1500VA (1.5kVA) 24V inverter is a reflection of that R & D effort, bringing new features and technology to this capacity range of Luminous inverters.

    The 1.5kVA Eco Volt inverter is pure sine wave and features advanced technologies that improve its overall performance.

    The 1500VA Luminous inverter is suitable for home use and enough capacity for basic household appliances. Its powered by two 12V batteries (though scalable) and can support the fans, TV, light points and low power devices in the house. A typical load configuration for the Luminous 1.5kVA/24V Eco Volt inverter could be: 3/4 ceiling fans, 1 TV set, 6 CFL light points, decoder, and such minor power devices.


    Here, check the following bundle that comes with this Luminous inverter:

    • Microcontroller based design
    • Regulated output voltage window during regulated UPS mode
    • Selectable battery option
    • Pre-loaded battery management software
    • Charges battery double fast
    • Regulated battery charging from 120 V to 300 V
    • Automatic holiday mode preserves battery charge
    • Advanced digital display
    • Audio alarms on mains fail, Charger fuse blown, battery low and no-load shutdown
    • Phase reversal protection
    • Overload with auto re-set
    • Battery Deep Discharge protection with two times reset options
    • Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection
    • Battery reverse polarity protection
    • Miniature circuit breaker for overload and short circuit protection in mains mode instead of cartridge fuse
    • DC over Voltage protection


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