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Jolly Solar Water Heater Pressurized 300 Litres KEY FEATURES

  • Computerized Control Unit
  • Copper heat pipes
  • Vacuum glass tubes
  • Enamel coated inside to prevent corrosion
  • Electric backup for poor weather conditions
  • Magnesium sacrificial rod
  • Galvanized steel mounting frame
  • Pressure release valves (safety valves)
  • Non-return valve
  • Connection flex pipes with insulation


Jolly Solar Water Heater Pressurized 300 Litres

Buy Jolly Solar Water Heater Pressurized 300 Litres from Pavuta in Kenya, Nairobi.


Product overview

This solar water heater has galvanized steel that enhances the life of the system because the zinc coating inhibits corrosion quite well. You also enjoy high-pressure High-desnsity insulation to keep the water warm for long and a strong stand to ensure the stability of the system. The solar heater has High performance and is suitable for domestic (Home) applications available in different capacities. They can be used in any climate and the fuel, sunshine, is free!

  • Capacity (L): 300
  • Main Material: Aluminium, Copper & Glass
  • Weight (kg): 50


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