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Dayliff DDP 50A Automatic Mini Booster pump features

Enclosure Class IP44
Voltage 1 X 240V
Insulation Class B
Speed 2900rpm
Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid Thin, clean, chemically non aggressive liquids without abrasive particles or fibres
Maximum Fluid Temperature +60C
Maximum Ambient Temperature +40C
Maximum Suction Lift 7m (at sea level)
Cut in pressure 1.2 Bar
Cut out Pressure 1.8 Bar
Pressure Vessel Pre-charge Pressure 0.95 Bar
Pump Information
Model DDP50A
Power (HP) 0.32
Power (kW) 0.25
Current (A) 2
Dimension(mm) – DN1 25
Dimension(mm) – DN2 25
Dimension(mm) A 265
Dimension(mm) B 200
Dimension(mm) C 72
Dimension(mm) H 256
Weight (kg) 9


Dayliff DDP 50A Automatic Mini Booster pump

Buy Dayliff DDP 50A Automatic Mini Booster pump from Pavuta in Nairobi, Kenya



Dayliff DDP 50A Automatic Mini Booster pump

Quick features

  • Robust and efficient automatic pressure controlled peripheral impeller booster pump
  • Suitable for domestic and small scale applications where on-demand water supply is required
  • Self-priming and is equipped with a diaphragm type pressure vessel and a pressure switch to provide fully automatic operation
  • Pump construction is a cast iron body with brass insert on the wearing surface and brass impeller
  • single-phase motor designed for continuous operation and is provided with a thermal cutout to protect against electrical overload
  • It can be connected directly to the mains power supply through a 5A fuse or MCB


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